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INDIVIDUAL Bandsaw blade Program

The Benefits

  • Higher feed rates and shorter cuting times
  • longer blade life
  • increased productivity and reduced manufacturing costs
  • Profitiable alternative to HM saw blades
  • Shorter delivery periods by reduction of cutting times
  • Higher quality of manufacture and product
  • Increased manufacturing accuracy
  • More flexible Wort scheduling
  • Protection of environment and resources

Performance Example:

C45 250mm round | Cut time 1:30 Min



Please contact Customer Service:

  • +49 (0)5661 92 63 - 0
  • +49 (0)5661 92 63 - 120

The New Wespa Bandsaw Blade Generation!

The new WESPA bandsaw blade generation will enable you to significantly reduce your cutting costs and hence your manufacturing costs. The new bandsaw blades can be used with much higher cutting values, thereby reducing sawing times and hence cutting costs. The longer service lives require less tool replacement, thereby lowering setup costs, sparing the environment as well as energy and resources. This is made possible by, among other things, the newly developed generation of coated bi-metallic bandsaw blades.

The development of the new bandsaw blade generation is enabling WESPA to push the performance threshold of bi-metallic bandsaw blades up significantly.

You will benefit from the development of the new bandsaw blade generation when sawing tubes, beams, structurals through to solid material on all older and new bandsaw machines. The new metal bandsaw blades are part of the WESPA IPC | Individual Performance Cutting® Programmes.

IPC-Individual Performance Cutting®

WESPA IPC stands for Individual Performance Cutting and is not just a technology, but a completely new approach to determining each customer's individual requirements.

Let yourself be given individual advice and compare sawing performance and cost-efficiency.

The benefit to you - options as series products:

The result:

  • Better surfaces
  • Less noise
  • Higher feed rates
  • Longer service life
  • High reliability
  • No built-up edges
  • No running-in phase

Reducing your cutting time and increasing service life.

Whether through shortening cutting times or increasing service lives, WESPA's new product options give cutting a new degree of cost-efficiency.

Increasing your competitiveness.

  • Increasing productivity.
  • Optimum sawing efficiency for a high degree of cost-efficiency.
  • Better costing by reducing the cutting or tool costs.